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Worth knowing

BRAVIS is a software and system house. It develops high end internet based video conference systems.

BRAVIS technology raised the international standard for state of the art and cost-saving video conference systems. BRAVIS systems open up a new way for personal communication around the world for professional and private usage.

BRAVIS combines the advantages of all video conference systems.
It works without a central conference server. BRAVIS software contains all appropriate applications, which are required for conferences. For installation and use of the system no previous knowledge or training are required. Users can easily download and install the software on a PC or Laptop and can start immediately a closed video conference for up to 16 participants.The main features of the BRAVIS system are moderation, whiteboard, application sharing, data transfer and image viewer.

BRAVIS technology leads in conference management and security.
The patented security of the architecture guarantees confidential conferencing. BRAVIS software contains the functions of authentication, data en-cryption and key management. There is no additional hardware required other than a webcam and headset.

BRAVIS corporate culture is focused on providing the highest form of quality and technology.
This has resulted in BRAVIS becoming the global trendsetter for innovated video conference systems.


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