BRAVIS Video Conferencing - Business Package

This is familiar: customers who expect your attention at all times; partners who are like a sack of fleas, full appointment calendars, tough adjustments, divided opinions, scanty resources. When misunderstandings arise, you lose energy that you need desperately for other things. BRAVIS video conferences make your life easier.

Meetings from your workdesk
With BRAVIS, you “meet” in real time, regardless of where the participants happen to be – quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. And you can do this spontaneously and in your usual environment, your workplace. You don’t need a conference room. The system can support up to 16 participants. Many trips will now be unnecessary. You save time, costs, and nerves. And – a nice side-effect – you also protect the environment.


Quite simply
The Internet, a headset and Webcam are enough to meet the important people without registration and ongoing costs. This way you will be able to look your counterpart in the eye, discuss, and work with one another as if you were really sitting at the same table. You can present and edit documents jointly, see the same sketches, talk about ideas, discuss solutions, make agreements.

Moderated presentations and trainings
With moderation, conference control and application sharing, BRAVIS unites the advantages of various conference systems for a low price. Trainings are unnecessary, operation is child’s play. Try BRAVIS and convince yourself of its many advantages.

You’ll never want to be without it again.


  • Videoconferencing with up to 16 participiants*
  • Up to HD 720p resolution
  • Application Sharing – Whether ERPs, MIS or presentations, Share and edit together with other participiants every window based software.
  • Desktop Sharing – Share your whole desktop, single displays or screen regions with other participants
  • File Transfer – for transfering files between participants also without conference
  • End to end encryption
  • Group and private chat
  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence State
  • Address book
  • Call redirection
  • Automatic adaptive layouting of video images
  • Works without server - provider independent
  • No running expenses for the connection (except internet and energy costs)
  • Unites advantages of different hardware or software based videoconferencing systems
  • Low system requirements - no additional hardware except a regular PC with headset and webcam is nessesary
  • Simple usage

* Every participiant needs an own licensed version of the BRAVIS software. Single-User license only applicable for desktop PCs. For usage in a conference room you need a Conference Room package.

Recommended system:

  • PC systems with Intel Core i5 or comparable**
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • Commercially-available headset
  • Commercially-available webcam
  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 /Mac OS X

** The actual system performance may vary depending on the configuration

Minimum 128 kBit/s upload and download capacity for 1:1 connections, minimum 1 MBit/s upload and download capacity for HD video 1:1 connection, higher bandwidth requirements with higher conference sizes


Business package is available separate or together with other packages:

  • Conference room
  • Inhouse
  • Security
  • Host / Guest




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