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Video Conferences & Human Resources

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High performing IT solutions have been part of the daily management of employee and job-applicant data in companies of different size and from different sectors for many years. Until recently, however, communications between employees in personnel departments, now frequently known as Human Resources (HR), colleagues from different company divisions and job applicants in particular, almost exclusively took place by telephone or email, or in the context of personal discussions. This is now increasingly changing. Video conferences are being used more and more in order to
save costs and to respond to new situations more quickly.

An area in which they are now finding frequent use is in first interviews with applicants, to assist in the selection of candidates who are located a long distance away or even abroad. In such cases the video conference is an ideal way for employees in personnel departments to gain a first impression of the personal attributes and
appearance of an applicant and to save on travel costs or time delays which may otherwise be high in the area of personnel recruitment. "This can be done using Skype or a comparable no-cost service," explains André Röhrig, Director of BRAVIS International GmbH, of Cottbus, Germany. "Yet in the light of the recent NSA affair, these services have justifiably come under criticism due to unauthorised third party access to the data." The fact that almost all the providers of video conferencing services transfer their data via central servers is seen as being a deficiency. "These servers are generally an ideal gateway for all kinds of hacker," highlights Röhrig. With BRABIS 2.1 things are different, however, with the transfer of the data occurring directly between the conference participants and with no server. "The specialists call this peer-to-peer," explains Röhrig, "and it means nobody needs to fear a third party
listening in to them easily." He goes on to say: "Anyone who buys a user licence together with a guest licence can connect easily with any personal contact, anywhere in the world, in HD quality using the Windows or Android operating systems - regardless of whether it is via a PC, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone."

In the HR departments in big companies, meetings with external personnel consultants and head hunters who primarily focus on filling executive positions are increasingly being simplified via video conferences. Due to its visual components, a briefing by video conference is also significantly more effective than a straightforward phone
call. This is consistently confirmed by users.

Additionally, along with the external communications, exchanges within companies are also supported by video conferences if, for instance, the personnel department is spread over several locations, which is the case in almost all large and international companies in particular.

Especially high performance video conference solutions such as BRAVIS 2.1 ultimately stand out thanks to a wide range of functions (such as application and desktop sharing) and their compatibility with a variety of end devices, with individual discussions form individual workplaces being just as possible as video conferences with several participants. Spontaneous contacts are made easier because they can be initiated at a single click and without advance reservation. The presence status display enables users to ascertain which contacts are currently online and are thus available for a video meeting.

Röhrig explains: "Where until relatively recently, modern video conference technology was only available to executive directors and senior managers, nowadays, low cost solutions which offer a full range of features are available that enable the use of video conferences by practically any employee for whom they are an expedient solution. The BRAVIS 2.1 is one such solution."


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