Dentures and video conference

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Dentures and video conference

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The denture’s exact fit is one decisive prerequisite for the fact that planned dentures - whether implant, crown, inlay or "classic" dentures - also sit properly with patients after-wards and do not have to be reworked more or less laboriously (intensive in terms of time as well as cost!) with renewed burden for the affected person.

Hundredths of millimetres can decide whether a satisfied patient perceives the dentures as problem-free as their own teeth or the artificial teeth remain "foreign bodies" and disturb the patient day in, day out when chewing and speaking. Yet poorly sitting dentures not only diminish well-being, but also constitute a significant health risk, because bacteria can quite easily settle between dentures and residual teeth, and can cause or intensify caries / periodontitis. The disease usually cannot be combatted with home care on the difficult or inaccessible spots. The consequences can be
dramatic and range from premature loss of dentures to heart attack.

On the one hand, the dentist who prepares the tooth, makes the impression and incorporates the dentures, and on the other hand, the dental technician who makes the dentures is responsible for an exact fit. The closer and more intensively they work together in the production of the dentures, the more exact results may be expected. But apart from the time involved, the geographical distance between medical practice and laboratory is an obstacle.

This no longer has to be the case in the future, because the partners GmbH i.G. and BRAVIS International GmbH have developed a unique media station for video conferences (VC) between dentist and dental technician in an over one-year cooperation that is tailored precisely to this problem area. The market launch of the media station is imminent. The system will be presented to trade professionals and the general public for the first time at the International Dental Show in Cologne (10-14 March 2015, Hall 11.1, Stand E26) and
at the CeBIT in Hannover (16-20 March 2015).

"We wanted hardware and software from one cast", says Martin Hess, managing director from, "and BRAVIS proved to be an ideal partner for us because they have many years of operational experience in highly sensitive fields - banks, police, clinics, Bundestag - in which security and stability of VC connections play a pivotal role." And BRAVIS managing director André Röhrig adds: "We have adapted our standard video conference solution for the special requirements of dental practices and dental laboratories, and em-phasised that the system is characterised by the simplest intuitive operability and is largely immune to operating errors." The core of the media station is a video communications platform with touchscreen control and dental laboratory. With this system, the dental technician can become acquainted with patients and their requests, discuss and remedy problems with the dentist at an early stage - supported by high-resolution images (HD quality) which can be transferred conveniently, securely and quickly. Anger and frustration for all those involved - dentist, laboratory and patient - are noticeably minimised.
Service with respect to the patient experiences a significant increase in quality. Last but not least also due to the fact that other features useful for dental practices have been integrat-ed in the media station:
- storing, archiving and processing / marking images;
- patient consultation by means of explanatory videos, animations and images - e.g.
pro and contra of dental prosthesis alternatives;
- patient relaxation with images and videos, including audio components - e.g. relaxation
Last but not least, the very short communication channels between dental practice and dental laboratory lead to noticeable savings in terms of time and costs.


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