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Customised video conferences

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Modern office buildings generally do not offer the perfect space requirements for uninterrupted video conferences in HD quality. Attractive solutions are possible though thanks to relatively simple construction work, but mainly due to the right recording technology for image and sound as well as the professional placing of them. The partners BRAVIS International GmbH (software) and prodyTel Distribution GmbH offer these kinds of solutions.

Apparently, it still happens time and time again that companies buy up hardware for video conferences (camera, microphone, PC or laptop, monitor) as cheaply as possible, set it up in their modern style extremely bright meeting room thanks to the wide glazed front and then are surprised or even annoyed about the terrible picture and sound quality of their video links. With longer conferences in particular, noisy pictures and especially poor sound, for example volume that increases and decreases to almost inaudibility, can quickly become torture for everyone involved with feedback and other disturbances whenever a speaker moves through the room.
"Anyone who wants to hold video conferences in HD quality", says Patrick Graf, relevant expert at prodyTel Distribution GmbH, "has to take a few parameters into account, which could be difficult when the motto is 'the main thing is cheap!'"
The first hurdle is selecting the right room. Modern buildings have their drawbacks in this respect: high ceilings, gleaming white walls with no wallpaper, strong incidence of light, sometimes even direct sunlight, hard flooring (tiles, laminate) - all of these are quality killers in terms of acoustics and image recording.

"That's why we recommend our customers", explains André Röhrig, CEO of BRAVIS International GmbH, "arrange
an appointment with us at their premises." The conditions can be considerably improved for future video conferences through individual or combined measures like suspending the ceiling, woodchip wallpaper painted a subtle colour, for example in elegant light grey, curtains or blinds at the windows or textile flooring.
"The on-site appointment", continues Röhrig, "is mainly to discuss with the customer in detail which specific requirements they have for their video conferences as the image and audio recording equipment must be selected and placed ideally based on this." This is the be all and end all not least when the space requirements are not
exactly ideal. "That's why we consult the experts from prodyTel on this point, if necessary, as they are the real professionals when it comes to camera and microphone technology." You might be able to perhaps work out for yourself that you can't get away with just one microphone with a U-shaped seating arrangement for 10 to 15 participants in a conference room but how many and which microphones and which additional technology you actually need, if necessary for example to enable uninterrupted dialogues by video broadcast, calls for expert knowledge and a great deal of practical experience.
And the price? "Naturally that depends on the size of the room to be equipped and the individual technology required", says Röhrig. "Package deals are just misleading." BRAVIS has set up a conference configurator on its website ( though, where you can put together your equipment yourself. It starts with the desired number of participants, which the system then suggests the ideal seating arrangement for and continues through integrating a whiteboard or flipchart, taking the ambient noise in the room (e.g. air-conditioning) into account as well as the option of adding external participants in by phone, through to the selection point of whether a wireless
system is required or not.
With these specifications the system generates a basic solution, which can be enquired about at BRAVIS, not least regarding the price, or can be used as the basis for working our other versions in direct contact with BRAVIS. By the way, the system also offers data sheets and documents on technical components such as cameras, microphones, audio services and much more in addition to its basic solution. "Naturally", continues Röhrig, "an expert has to make sure that all the hardware and software components ultimately are perfectly compatible with each other. That's the
essential role of BRAVIS and prodyTel." The price is definitely right though, assures
the CEO, as costly hardware video- and audio codecs as well as MCUs are not required.


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