Bravis Pressenews20.02.2017: BRAVIS video conference - BRAVIS 3.0 sets new security standard

BRAVIS 3.0 represents into a new dimension of video conferences.This concerns the data security on the basis of genuine end-to-end security - a combination of end-to-end encryption, end-to-end user authentication, perfect forward secrecy and a peer-to-peer network.


Bravis Pressenews10.09.2015: BRAVIS video conferences - Video conferences on mobile devices

From bandwidth to data security to lighting & acoustics: What should companies and private users take into account when using mobile video solutions?


Bravis Pressenews08.06.2015: Customised video conferences

Modern office buildings generally do not offer the perfect space requirements for uninterrupted video conferences in HD quality.


Bravis Pressenews17.02.2015: Dentures and video conference

The denture's exact fit is one decisive prerequisite for the fact that planned dentures - whether implant, crown, inlay or "classic" dentures - also sit properly with patients after-wards and do not have to be reworked more or less laboriously with renewed burden for the affected person.


Bravis Pressenews21.08.2014: Etiquette for video conferences

Video broadcasts in HD quality are a great thing when documents such as design or construction drawings or computer tomographies have to be evaluated, or possibly processed on a group basis by participants at spatially separate locations.


Bravis Pressenews05.05.2014: Video Conferences & Human Resources

High performing IT solutions have been part of the daily management of employee and job-applicant data in companies of different size and from different sectors for many years. Until recently, however, communications between employees in personnel departments, now frequently...


Bravis Pressenews24.06.2014: Video conferences at financial services providers

In the private sector, video communications services such as Skype or Google Hangout have continued to enjoy uninterrupted popularity despite the NSA bugging scandal. However, due to this scandal, in many companies, especially in those in which confidential data ...



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