BRAVIS video conferencing software version 2.0

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Out now: New release BRAVIS 2.0

Out now: New release BRAVIS 2.0

Release version 2.0

The brand-new version 2.0 of the BRAVIS Professional software is now available. Upgrade now to benefit from many new features and improvements:

  • Video conferences up to FullHD 1080p resolution

  • Improved video quality with new VP8 codec

  • Optimized video transmission for higher quality and performance

  • New intuitive user interface with completely new design

  • Space-saving and simplified contact list when no conference is running

  • Fully automatic adaptive layout of all video images optimized for size and shape of the video window

  • Internet bandwidth and system performance are determined automatically to maximize transmission quality and stability

  • Completely redesigned Application Sharing for considerably improved quality and speed

  • Sharing of the whole desktop, single displays or screen regions in Application Sharing

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