New business unit in Berlin
New business unit in Berlin BRAVISmed starts April 1st in Berlin.

Out now: New release BRAVIS 3.0
Version 3.0 with with end to end encryption and many other features

BRAVIS desktop video conferences - glossary


Application Sharing

Conference participants work collectively with a single application, which is installed on one PC only but can be used by all participants. No data have to be distributed. Participants can add their marks with a virtual laser pointer without changing the data


Conference Management

The conference management controls the joint access for applications, like the whiteboard and/or the speaker channels. Moderation modi are: free speaking, show of hands, moderation mode.


Dynamic closed conference groups

The team leader of the conference invites the participants – no others have a chance to join the conference – therefore confidential conferences are guaranteed.



BRAVIS doesn’t require any special hardware – internet access, webcam and headset is all that is required to start a video conference. No need for a special conference server – peer-to-peer connection for all conference participants



The whiteboard is an electronic platform which can to be used collectively by the conferenceparticipants to work on documents, sketches or blueprints.


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