BRAVIS desktop video conferences - download - recent changes

List of changes


Version 3.3.5, 04/11/2020

    • The privacy policy must be accepted before the first registration
    • Several connection problems fixed
    • Various security updates
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.3.4, 01/31/2019

    • Fixed possible login problem


Version 3.3.3, 12/18/2018

    • Restored compatibility to macOS Mojave
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.3.2, 10/18/2018

    • Presence indicator for mobile devices in standby mode
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.3.1, 07/04/2018

    • Now shows download link for guest versions after a guest has been created
    • Fixed disappearing window title bars
    • Fixed missing download link for guest version after account creation
    • Various minor bug fixes


Version 3.3.0, 05/23/2018

    • Functions of the Host Package can now be used in any user account
    • New functions for user accounts, e.g. password reset and permanent deletion
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.2.0, 08/07/2017

    • Inhouse package now available for Mac OS X
    • Improved connectivity
    • Inhouse Security Package allows unlocking of internet connections
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.1.0, 05/17/2017

    • Beta release for Mac OS X
    • Additional configuration options
    • Quick switching between cameras
    • Many minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 3.0.0, 12/06/2016

    • Completely new user interface in modern design
    • Simplified installation and configuration
    • More intuitive handling, easier setup of new contacts
    • Major improvements in audio quality
    • Strong end to end security with end to end authenticated encryption
    • File transfer without a conference
    • Call redirection
    • Allows multiple user accounts at the same time



Version 2.1.10, 04/05/2017

    • Important update for future compatibility
    • Improved support for Bluetooth audio devices

Version 2.1.8, 11/24/2015

    • Fixed scaling problems on high resolution displays in Windows 10

Version 2.1.7, 07/07/2015

    • Fixed problems with web links in chat messages
    • Now displays date for instant messages
    • Contact list now moved to visible area after changing attached displays
    • Various little improvements

Version 2.1.6, 02/02/2015

    • Fixed video freezing on very fast connections
    • Pressing space bar when a call is incoming no longer activates microphone mute
    • Fixed some missing translations
    • Various little improvements

Version 2.1.5, 09/01/2014

    • Fixed Application Sharing problems on high resolution displays
    • Automatic settings for video capture controls are now activated by default
    • Guest versions can now start automatically with Windows
    • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.1.4, 03/31/2014

    • Support for more cameras
    • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.3, 01/13/2014

    • Fixed Application Sharing freezing if an application is not responding
    • Improved automatic capture volume control
    • Fixed Echo on some sound cards
    • Obsolete notifications are no longer displayed
    • Improved Performance
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.1.1, 01/10/2013

    • Enabled configuration of bandwidth limiting
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixed audio glitches that could occur with some HD webcams
    • Fixed display errors when using Windows XP
    • Improved automatic bandwidth detection
    • Fixed video errors at very high bandwidths
    • Several improvements in quality and stability

Version 2.1.0, 07/19/2012

    • Completely new audio engine
      • No echo even with simple webcam microphones
      • Crystal clear speech quality
      • Communication without delay
      • Automatic configuration

    • Improved notification system
      • Unread conference chat messages are signalized
      • New indicator for file offers and finished file transfers
      • Notification for Whiteboard activities

    • Performance optimization
      • Automatic adaption to current CPU load
      • Smooth video playback with low computing power

    • Supports more webcams and capture devices

    • Many minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.2, 02/27/2012

    • Fixes possible problems when using multiple displays
      • Disappearing contact list
      • Video display in fullscreen mode
      • Application Sharing on the second display
    • Configuration wizard after reboot fixed
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 2.0.1, 02/09/2012

    • Video conferences up to FullHD 1080p resolution
    • Improved video quality with new VP8 codec
    • Optimized video transmission for higher quality and performance
    • New intuitive user interface with completely new design
    • Space-saving and simplified contact list when no conference is running
    • Fully automatic adaptive layout of all video images optimized for size and shape of the video window
    • Internet bandwidth and system performance are determined automatically to maximize transmission quality and stability
    • Completely redesigned Application Sharing for considerably improved quality and speed
    • Sharing of the whole desktop, single displays or screen regions in Application Sharing



Version 1.5.25, 02/09/2012

    • Provides basic compatibility with new 2.0 release
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 1.5.24, 03/14/2011

    • Fixed installation being aborted when using some special firewalls
    • Fixed crash caused by memory overflow
    • Improved stability of Application Sharing transmission
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 1.5.23, 11/25/2010

    • New languages Russian and Turkish
    • Smiley button in Chat and Instant Messaging
    • Mouse wheel support in Application Sharing
    • Ctrl+M shortcut to mute microphone
    • Improved conference logs
    • Improved performance for video display and Application Sharing
    • Many minor improvements

Version 1.5.20, 12/17/2009

    • New conference-room option for the Professional edition
    • New presence status "Away", "Not available", "Do not disturb", "At work", "Invisible" and automatic "In conference"
    • Automatic status change when idle
    • Status note can be set
    • Invisible list
    • Sounds for instant messages and changes of the presence status
    • List of missed calls with callback function
    • Hiding offline contacts is now possible
    • Support for graphical smileys
    • More stable video playback
    • Improved support for audio devices in Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Interrupted file transfer can now be continued even after restarting the software

Version 1.5.13, 01/13/2009

    • Instant Messaging
    • Presence
    • Professional as Host and Guest options
    • Exclusion of conference members
    • Can be used with web proxies which require authorization


Version 1.5.11, 10/07/2008

    • Fixed crashes when establishing connections and joining of new participants.

Version 1.5.10, 08/01/2008

    • A portable Version of Galaxee 4free is available
    • Automatic environment volume detection
    • Hotplugging supported
    • Drag’n’Drop filetransfer
    • Optimized performance

Version 1.5.1, 08/04/2008

    • Chrash in empty adressbook fixed

Version 1.5.0, 02/29/2008

    • Galaxee 4free (formerly BRAVIS Pico) now contains VGA and supports up to 4 participiants
    • Galaxee Premium (formerly BRAVIS Galaxee now contains an Whiteboard an supports up to 10 participians
    • BRAVIS Gamer is now called Galaxee Gamer

Version 1.3.3, 02/25/2008

    • VGA resolution
    • Improved audio quality
    • Video windows movable using drag and drop
    • Reduced CPU load
    • Application Sharing with multiple monitors
    • Enhanced Address Book

Version 1.3.1, 12/17/2008

    • Expanded language support for French, Polish, and Spanish

Version 1.3.0, 12/13/2008

    • Settings can now be stored in user profiles
    • Automatic creation of a SIP address in BRAVIS
    • Simplified SIP configuration
    • Reworking and simplification of the set-up wizard
    • Improvement of the speed when joining a conference
    • Proxy support (HTTP/HTTPS)
    • Gamer edition with special icons



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